Transition Information For Kinder 2021

The following documents contain the most important information and dates you will need for our transition program and for starting school in 2021.

We look forward to welcoming our new families to our St John’s Narraweena community.

Transition Session 1

Tuesday 20th or Thursday 22nd October 9.30am – 11am

Transition Session 2

Tuesday 10th or Thursday 12th November 9.30am – 11am

Transition Session 3

Tuesday 24th or Thursday 26th November 9.30am – 11am

St John's Playgroup - We also have a Community Playgroup you may wish to join to get to spend more time at St. John's getting to know the school and other families. More information with dates and times available here:  Transition Process for Kindergarten 2021 including all transition steps and dates, including 2021 start date. Updated 7th May 2020.

The Cheat Sheet for Kinder 2021 includes all the details you will need to understand and complete the transition process.

Cheat Sheet for Kinder 2021
Best Start and Mai Bookings TBC

Best Strat date in January 2021 - To Be Confirmed.

Below are two documents from the NSW Department of Education, describing the Best Start process.

NSW Department of Education - Best Start Parent and Carer Summary Information NSW Department of Education - Best Start Letter to Parents