Transition to Kindergarten

School can be an exciting place where anything is possible!

Starting school can be a very exciting time for your child and for you as parents. However, it is not uncommon for children and parents to be anxious about the process.  Our transition program focuses on helping you and your child feel comfortable in the school. By the time your child has completed transition he/she will feel very settled and happy to just walk into the classroom and get on with their learning.

The Transition Sessions for 2022 Kindergarten children were held on:

  • Monday 11 October (via Zoom due to Covid-19 restrictions) – Children 10.30-11.15 and Parents 4pm-4.30pm
  • Monday 1 November OR Friday 5 November – On-site from 3:30-4:30pm
  • Monday 22 November OR Friday 26 November – On-site from 3:30-4:30pm

More important information about starting school at St John’s Narraweena can be found here


‘LEAP @ Home’ is an online resource designed by teachers and introduced to help children with their own learning as they become school ready. It offers families continued engagement and opportunity to build connections with the school community as children prepare for Kindergarten.

The first LEAP@Home booklet has been emailed to families starting Kindergarten in 2022.
Session 1, Book Loving Bears has many activities for the children to enjoy at home.

We look forward to welcoming you into the St. John’s school community.


We asked the Kinder 2020 parents for some feedback about the transition process and starting Kindergarten at St John’s, here are some of the things that they said:

“As a first time school parent, the consistent and clear communication has made the transition so much easier.”

“The positive experiences and attitudes that have been inherited. I fell that as a school you really do get those foundations right which work alongside parents in what we are doing with our children at home. The perfect partnership in my eyes.”

“Friendly staff and community feeling.” 

“The welcoming feel and the lovely Kindy teachers.”

“The access and continual communication.”

“The staff have been so nurturing and supportive of my daughter. We appreciate that Mr Bateman knows all the children by name and is such a welcoming presence in the school.”

“The quality of the teaching staff and welcoming school community.” 

“The nurturing environment for the children.”

“Lovely staff, welcome and caring faces. Enough sessions to get the children ready. A great support for parents.”

“Informative putting children and parents at ease involving current students to show new children the school”.

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