Happy Families Premium Parent Membership

7 June 2021

Thought of the Week from Dr Justin Coulson, Happy Families 

Imagine if you could hack your happiness neurotransmitters to make yourself and your family happier. 


This week, boost your sense of reward (dopamine – the happy high chemical) with your children by:

  • Playing together
  • Experiencing (and celebrating) tiny wins
  • Completing a task together (music always helps)
  • Trying a new treat in the kitchen

Boost your sense of peace, harmony, and calm (serotonin) with your children by:

  • Breathing deep
  • Spending some time in nature
  • Going for a walk
  • Listening to a meditation playlist
  • Reading a calm story before bed

Boost your sense of superhuman strength (endorphins) by:

  • Running, jumping on the trampoline, or dancing to loud music
  • Watching something funny together
  • Creating a laughing club
  • Doing pretty much anything energetic

And boost your sense of connection (oxytocin) by:

  • Touching or holding hands
  • Hugging
  • Saying nice things about each other
  • Counting blessings together

Families of St John the Apostle Catholic Primary School are eligible for a FREE Premium Parent Membership to Happy Families.

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