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The Resilient Girl

Monday 13th August, 2018. Time: 6:30-9pm.

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Booking code for this seminar: 6km6m

The Resilient Girl is a workshop for parents to support their children to develop resilience and the ability to ‘bounce back’. Strategies are given to:

  • Build, strengthen and promote supportive relationships
  • Focus on autonomy and responsibility (to build independence)
  • Focus on managing emotions
  • Create opportunities for personal challenge.

Schools AtoZ Website and Smartphone App

The first website parents should go to for parenting advice. Managed by the NSW Department of Education, parents can be sure that the advice is in line with what children are learning at school. All questions ranging from specific curriculum questions to healthy lunch boxes and resilience are available:

Tips & Tricks for Parenting

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Parental Engagement and why it’s important:

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