See our school in action

As a Catholic community, we welcome and celebrate visitors and guests, and offer a range of opportunities to see the school in action: 

1. Open Days throughout the year: 

St John the Apostle hold Open Days throughout the year. These events are a fantastic opportunity to come and see our school in action, chat with our leadership team and meet current families.

Open Days have been held for 2024 and no further Open Days are planned for this year. If you wish to book a tour, please contact the school office on 02 7256 2106.

2. Personalised Tours at a time that suits you: 

We also offer personalised tours with our principals year-round where we are able to show you our school, and discuss your child’s individual needs. 

3. Playgroups: 

St John’s Playgroup welcomes parents to come along and join in the fun with their toddlers. This service is free to local families. It is also a way for children who will come to St John’s Catholic Primary School in Kindergarten to become familiar with the school before and during transition. 

For more information on Playgroup, including dates and times, click here.

What’s the next step? Please complete the online enquiry form here, and we will be in touch with you within 1-2 school days.