For many students, Catholic schools offer the opportunity for contact with the Church in action.

Our school, as part of the Catholic community has the task of educating and forming young people as disciples of Jesus. This is not the task of schools alone, but in a special way through its educational structures the school supports the Catholic family and the parish. 

All aspects of school life are immersed in the discipleship of Jesus. Whenever students participate in cultural, artistic, sporting, academic or social justice activities at St John’s, they are given opportunities to develop an appreciation of what it is like to be a Catholic and to see the world through “Catholic eyes”.

Therefore as members of St John’s community we are called to:

  • Educate in the traditions of the Catholic faith inspiring all to be disciples of Jesus;
  • Provide high quality and relevant education which meets the needs of all and inspires life-long learning;
  • Build a community of Strength and Gentleness that celebrates inclusive, supportive and respectful relationships;
  • Create a well-resourced and sustainable environment that is valued and respected by all.