St John’s Playgroup

Children (aged 3-5 years) and their parents and carers are invited to play, learn and connect at St John’s.

St John’s Playgroup is run by Kylie Sheehan, our Teacher / Librarian. Come along and:

  • discover how children learn through play;
  • participate in simple, fun activities you can also do at home;
  • meet other local families.

Parents and carers are an important part of Playgroup and are required to remain onsite with their children during the playgroup session.

2024 Playgroup Dates

Playgroup will be held on:

  • Monday 18th March, 9am to 10.15am
  • Friday 12th April, 9am to 10.15am
  • Monday 6th May, 9am to 10.15am
  • Friday 31st May, 9am to 10.15am
  • Monday 1st July, 9am to 10.15am
  • Monday 29th July, 9am to 10.15am
  • Monday 19th August, 9am to 10.15am
  • Friday 20th September. 9am to 10.15am
  • Monday 21st October, 9am to 10.15am

Please use this link to register to attend Playgroup and we will keep you updated on Playgroup news and plans.

This service is free to local families. It is also a way for children who will come to St John’s Catholic Primary School in Kindergarten to become familiar with the school before and during transition. 

For queries and questions, please contact St John’s office on or 7256 2106.

Playgroup Flyer 2024