Don’t just take our word for it!

Vicki, September 2020

My name is Vicki (very proud grandmother of 2 of your students).

I’ve been meaning to email you for you some time now to express my gratitude to you, your staff and the girl’s teachers for everything that you are doing to enable my husband and I to remain a part of the school life of the girls.

I have met you over the years as prior to Covid-19, I would come and visit my beautiful girls on a ‘very’ regular basis. I would come down (from Queensland) and attend Grandparents Day, receiving of Sacraments, Athletic Carnivals, their Birthday’s and many other milestones in their lives.

It’s with all the hard work and dedication of yourself, your staff and in particular Jade and Kirstin that has enabled us to still be a part of these very special moments all be it via Weebly, Face Time. Messenger, School Newsletter etc.

It breaks my heart not being able to visit the girls, I feel I’ve missed 12 months of their young lives, but seeing them interacting at school (and constantly face timing haha) does make it a lot easier.

Again, THANK YOU to you, Jade & Kirstin for “everything” you do – we are so appreciative.

We asked the Kinder 2020 parents for some feedback about the transition process and starting Kindergarten at St John’s, here are some of the things that they said:

“As a first time school parent, the consistent and clear communication has made the transition so much easier.”

“The positive experiences and attitudes that have been inherited. I felt that as a school you really do get those foundations right which work alongside parents in what we are doing with our children at home. The perfect partnership in my eyes.”

“Friendly staff and community feeling.”

“The welcoming feel and the lovely Kindy teachers.”

“The access and continual communication.”

“The staff have been so nurturing and supportive of my daughter. We appreciate that Mr Bateman knows all the children by name and is such a welcoming presence in the school.”

“The quality of the teaching staff and welcoming school community.”

“The nurturing environment for the children.”

“Lovely staff, welcome and caring faces. Enough sessions to get the children ready. A great support for parents.”

“Informative putting children and parents at ease involving current students to show new children the school”.

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