Gifted and Talented

“Gifted students are those who do things a little earlier, a little faster, a little better and probably a little differently than most other students.” Ginsberg, G.

At St John’s we use a matrix of identification methods:

  • Formal psychologist’s report stating IQ falls in the gifted range;
  • Off level testing/Above Stage testing;
  • Teacher identification – data collection;
  • Standardised testing e.g. PAT Mathematics – results in high stanines;
  • Results from competitions;
  • Checklist of gifted student characteristics;
  • Parent identification.

The primary means of educational enrichment that is used at St John’s is within the classroom higher level thinking, open-ended questioning, “real life” problems, critical thinking, creative thinking programs. In this way students can continue to gain from social engagement with their peers.

  • I.C.L.T
  • Chess Club
  • Mathematical Tournaments and Challenges
  • Public Speaking
  • Year 6 Leadership
  • External competitions
  • Writers’ Competitions
  • Open-ended challenges
  • Independent investigations

Working across stage groups in various KLA’S is another way we can enrich the gifted child at St John’s.