In this Key Learning Area students develop knowledge, skills and understandings about English language and literature. We encourage positive attitudes towards learning English, using language effectively and critically reflecting on how language works.

Children’s literacy skills are developed through the experiences provided in Speaking and Listening, Reading and Viewing, and Writing and Composing. We provide a varied curriculum which caters for the individual needs of each student. Our programs reflect the belief that talking and listening, reading and writing all have a role in communication and that development in one of these areas is very much linked to the development in the others.

The children are provided with experiences using a wide range of literature and a variety of strategies are used in the English programs which assist the children to work towards achieving outcomes. Working together with you, the parents, we can foster in your children a love for literature. Having a positive attitude to literature impacts on the children’s learning and leads to the successful experiences in the achievement of outcomes.

Parents Guide to Reading and Writing at Home