Behaviour Management

St John the Apostle Narraweena has a Positive Behaviour for Learning framework (PBL) which is a broad range of systemic and individualised strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behaviour.


We believe all students, their families and staff have a right to be part of a safe, nurturing and respectful learning environment.

Therefore we have a shared responsibility to build a community of strength and gentleness through teaching, fostering, promoting and encouraging positive behaviours and Catholic values.

Our School Rules

At St John the Apostle Narraweena we show Strength and Gentleness by being…


Click here for a copy of our school "PBL" matrix

PBL Consequence Development

We use our Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL) expected behaviours to show we are Respectful, Responsible and Safe Learners at St John’s.

We have reward systems in place to support children to show these behaviours:
SMILE awards, merit awards, in-class reward systems, as well as praise and acknowledgement.

We also support the development of Social and Emotional Learning Skills through KidsMatter, our PDHPE modules, Peer Support, and in our day to day teaching and interactions.

But…. sometimes, children need additional support to follow our expected behaviours, so the Year 6 students, and the teachers, have developed the following Behaviour Consequence Matrix. 

Click here to view our matrix showing examples of behaviours and suggested consequences.