St John’s school provides a balanced curriculum approved by the NSW Education Standards Authority.

We are supported by the Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Broken Bay which exists to educate and form young people in Catholic Discipleship offering the experiences of following Jesus as members of Catholic community.

We offer:

  • a curriculum that provides Catholic world view across all key learning areas;
  • a large emphasis on the social and emotional development of each student, building self-confidence and positive self-esteem;
  • ethos which supports family values and education;
  • encouragement and support for students to achieve excellence in all subject areas;
  • quality teaching resources across all curriculum areas;
  • integrated digital technology across all curriculum areas;
  • higher order thinking skills;
  • development of a growth mindset;
  • high participation in University of New South Wales English, Science, Writing, Computer, Spelling and Maths competitions.
Click here to download a copy of the Parents Guide to the NSW Primary Syllabuses