Catholic schools in the Diocese of Broken Bay exist to educate and form children in Catholic discipleship, offering them experiences of following Jesus as members of the Catholic community. Effective education in faith comes from a strong partnership between home and school which is centred on learning and living our faith. 

So what experiences of discipleship are offered at St John’s?

  1. Children have the opportunity to know about their faith through a contemporary and relevant curriculum organised by the Diocese of Broken Bay and taught in all of its Catholic Schools.
  2. Children have many opportunities to participate in their faith through prayer, liturgy attendance and celebration of special occasions and they have many opportunities to action their faith through social justice initiatives.
  3. Through the above two points they had the chance to develop a sense of conviction and belonging to the Church.

It is an awesome job and one that we share with you as parents. As it forms the basis for our existence as a Catholic School, it is good to have some shared understanding about our roles. Our purpose as a separate education system is to nurture the faith of all adults and children in our community.

Being Catholic is:

a personal and communal response to the life which God manifested in Jesus

as it is perceived, proclaimed and lived by the Catholic community

in the light of its scriptural and historical traditions, and its contemporary interpretation of them.

Regular lessons are given in Religious Education and a Catholic world-view is integrated into every Key Learning Area.  We strive to live out together, our calling as a Catholic, Christian and caring community.