Introducing the St John’s Advisory Council

1 May 2018 | General Interest

We would like to introduce you to the St John’s Advisory Council, previously known as the St
John’s School Board, who work as a team to serve, nourish and strengthen our school as part of
our local Parish, wider community and Diocese in many different ways.

The 2018 St John’s Advisory Council is made up of three staff members and parent
representatives. Staff members are: Mark Bateman (Principal), Natalie Ingram (Assistant Principal)
and Christine Dunk (REC). Parent members are: Meghan Bassett, Rachael Crookwell (Co Chairs), Natalie Bradshaw, Nicci Bradley, Amelia Chandler, Julie Hogan, Lisa Rourke, Agi Reefman, Carol Glover and Wendy Jones.
Between us we have children in most grades across the school from Kinder through to Year 6.

In all that we do for the community we are guided by our Statement of Purpose:

St John the Apostle Catholic School School Advisory Council Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the St John’s School Advisory Council is to serve, nourish and strengthen our school as part of our local Parish, wider community and Diocese by:
• supporting parent engagement and partnership in children’s education in faith and learning;
• engaging in prayerful discernment in decision making;
• communicating respectfully, reflectively and collaboratively;
• supporting school leadership and staff in the implementation and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan (SIP); and by
– acting with Strength and Gentleness as stewards focused on sustaining our school Mission.

Throughout the year we look forward to sharing with you more of what we do and how we support
the school and the wider community and in the meantime, feel free to come and chat with us.

Rachael Crookwell and Natalie Bradshaw
(on behalf of St John’s School Advisory Council)