MEDIA RELEASE: First Prize for the Kindy Kids at St. Johns Narraweena

Media Release: First Prize for the Kindy Kids at St. Johns Narraweena



Issued: 30 November 2020


The Kindy classes of 2020 at St John the Apostle Catholic School at Narraweena have won the Bishop’s Art Prize. The Bishop’s Religious Visual Art Prize is an annual award within the Diocese of Broken Bay and is open to all school students up to and including Year 10 from Catholic schools. Students are invited to select and reflect on a favourite verse of Scripture from the book of Matthew.

From 36 primary schools across the Diocese of Broken Bay, the Kindy class of St John’s Narraweena won first place for the Early Stage 1 section of the competition. Submitting a video entry the children told the story of how Jesus chose his disciples as depicted in Matthew 4:18-22.

The Kindergarten children were inspired by the disciples and how everyday fishermen could be chosen to do such extraordinary things, and that they too, could be disciples of Jesus in their everyday lives.

Teacher Jade Gillett said, “The children were so excited to perform for this video submission and to tell the story of strong faith and love.  We are so proud of the children and what they delivered.”

Principal Mark Bateman, “The Bishop’s Art Prize is a highly coveted award and for our Kindergarten children to win first place is just wonderful. Congratulations to our talented Kindergarten children and their dedicated and inspiring teachers.”

The video can be viewed on the St John’s Narraweena website


For more details, please contact:

Joanna McNamara (Marketing) or Mark Bateman (Principal)
Phone:  9972 9297