New furniture a hit in Year 6

Our Year 6 students spent time this year designing and planning new flexible learning spaces for our Stage 3 classrooms. They worked hard researching and budgeting and making final decisions. Some of the furniture arrived yesterday to some very excited children. More arrived this afternoon! It will be trialed in Year 6 and then more purchases for the Year 5 classrooms will happen for early next year.

See the research project action:

From the students:

On Wednesday 6DI got some new pieces of furniture for our class. In term 3 we were investigating the costs and the measurements of the furniture. We are now going CRAZY for who gets to sit on the furniture and also very grateful from all the money rose from the colour run to help purchase our new furniture. Also we will be getting more in the next weeks of the term. Thank you everyone!  

Here we are enjoying the furniture!