Plastic Free Tuesday – our first rubbish audit

Plastic Free Tuesday – lunchbox audit

As part of our first official ‘Plastic Free Tuesday’ we held a ‘lunchbox audit’. Our Year 5 students went around to every class and counted examples of different items in the children’s lunchboxes.

The results were quite surprising, to say the least. We expected (hoped!) to find lunchboxes that looked like this:

But unfortunately, a lot looked more like this!

Here are details of the full audit.

This definitely raised questions within the classroom about what is being purchased at the supermarket and put into our lunchboxes.

There was great interest in some of the reusable materials and containers being used, such as beeswax wrap, and of course mini reusable containers. Some families had ZERO single use plastics in their lunchboxes – well done!

We will hold another lunchbox audit next Tuesday. I wonder what creative ways our families will come up with to reduce the single use plastics!

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