Visiting Cambodia

I had an amazing trip to Cambodia. I was lucky to travel with two other Diocesan teachers – Miss Thorpe and Miss Adeline, both from Our Lady of Dolours in Chatswood. Miss Thorpe has been working with the Child Rescue Organisation in the village of Krang Lovea over the last four or five years, visiting the children at the centre every July and December holidays and even living there for a year! She works very hard in Australia to raise money for these children through her ‘Gifts for Change (Gifts4Change)’ Facebook page and market stalls, and also supporting the ‘Free to Shine’ charity.

The Khmer people I met were all so friendly and so grateful for the ongoing love and support and I was blown away by the joyous nature of the children at the centre. We had a lot of fun getting to know each other, playing games, reading, dancing and singing!

We visited the English classes in the local village which are run every night after regular school hours. It was inspiring to hear these kids talk about wanting to be doctors and lawyers and engineers.

The Teacher Conference day was a wonderful day too. The teachers have very few professional learning opportunities (ha, but no pressure!!) and I must admit, the 3 of us did a really good job. I was very proud! We covered topics from behaviour management and classroom teaching methods and styles, to phonics, to creating and teaching reading and writing programs and (as Mrs Coram would love) the vital importance of speaking and listening activities, and making learning fun!

I’ve posted a couple of videos below which I hope you enjoy. Additionally, I’d love you to check out the video Miss Adeline made!