Celebrating the Feast of St Mary of the Cross

St John’s began the day with a beautiful liturgy celebrating the feast day of our first Australian saint, Mary Mackillop, St Mary of the Cross, whose feast day is the 8th August.


Mary MacKillop was a wise woman and many things she said have important meaning for us today:

Let God guide you in all your life. [Mary MacKillop 1909]

If we have love in our hearts, we shall have God with us. [Mary MacKillop 1890]

Remember we are but travellers here.  [Mary MacKillop 1909]

Never see a need without doing something about it. [Mary MacKillop 1871]

St Mary of the Cross trusted God, believing that God would provide whatever she needed – both material goods and inner courage in difficult situations. She believed Jesus shows us that God wants us to care for all people with love and dignity. She believed that God loves all people and, just like Jesus, she never gave up on anyone. St Mary of the Cross believed in hope, she and her sisters set up schools, orphanages, refuges, and many other services for those in need. She believed that those who are poor in our world should come first.