Peer Support – Living Positively

ALL of the children enjoyed the first session of Peer Support on Monday, ably led by our Year 5 and 6 leaders.
Our module is about Optimism and living positively. Living Positively develops the skills and knowledge for students to approach life with a positive attitude, use their strengths, engage in enjoyable activities and show gratitude to others.
What is the Peer Support Program?
The Peer Support Program provides a fun and engaging environment for young people to address issues such as bullying, relationships, and self image. Modules are designed to equip young people with skills to deal proactively with life experiences, develop a sense of self worth and belonging, and to encourage taking responsibility for decisions and actions.
How does the Peer Support Program work?
Trained Peer leaders facilitate activities with small groups of younger students. A teacher supervises each group which includes: 2 Peer leaders and multi age groups of 8-10 younger students.
How can I support the Peer Support Program?
Discuss with your child the activities, concepts and understandings they are developing each week.This helps to foster a positive connection between school and home.